Krishav Hospital's Neurologists focuses on the structure and capacity of the mind and sensory system, diagnosing and treating a broad exhibit of related issues, while rehearsing or practising in the variety of settings.

We spent alot of time to provide best and Consultative services to the patients. We communicating with the patients and their family members to give the knowledge of their problem or diseases. We also collaborate with the other professionals involved in the patient's care.

We are discipline as well. We can easily spent lot time or long hours with patients. Our neurologists are multitaskers. They are also specialise in related fields as well i.e. Vascular Neurology, Neuro muscular medicine etc.



  • EEG: Electroencephalography
  • Video EEG: Video Electroencephalography.
  • EMG: Electromyography
  • NCV: Nerve conduction velocity
  • VEP: Visual evoked potentials

Our Doctors

Dr. Rajaram Agarwal


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