The Paediatrics of a Krishav Hospital is a complete unit which offers complete care for all non-surgical & surgical problems in newborn, infants, older children and adolescents. It is the best Paediatrics hospital in Jaipur. Qualified Paediatricians are available 24 hours to handle any emergency.

Krishav Hospital has a huge team of Paediatricians, pediatric surgeons and nurses well trained in newborn care round the clock. Our doctors are qualified, practice evidence based medicine and follow internationally accepted guidelines for the treatment. We also provide vaccination services, specialist multidisciplinary assessment and outpatient care of high risk infants. We have the best Pediatrician in Jaipur. With us your children will not face any kind of diseases.


We have Services from the following Specialists:

  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Pediatric neurology


  • Comprehensive health checkup by renowned pediatricians
  • Advanced Vaccination/ Immunization Services
  • Growth and developmental monitoring
  • Lactation, Weaning and appropriate feeding and dietary advice
  • Newborn screening for hearing defects
  • Newborn screening for inborn errors of metabolism.
  • Antenatal counseling when newborn problems are anticipated
  • Parents are trained in newborn care post discharge from NICU
  • Care of babies born to “high risk” mothers
  • Care of low birth weight babies
  • Care of premature babies



Our Doctors

Dr. Vikram Jain


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